Ian Wagreich Photography

Ian Wagreich. Photographer. Storyteller.

It's been an amazing couple of decades on this journey behind the camera. From the early days being published on the newswires in London in the 90s, to a brief stint in the Middle East and finally landing in Washington where I've been capturing the stories of the American business community for 15 years.

I'm still driven by curiosity, anxious for the next experience, to meet another inspiring soul, or just to journey down an unknown road. The content is always thrilling and I cherish the moment when the Beltway disappears from my rear view mirror and America appears through my viewfinder. From big-time CEOs and heads of state to entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers, I've been privileged to be on the frontlines of American business telling stories of successes and challenges in still and moving images all across America. Hopefully I've inspired some folks along the way.